Parent Involvement in Education Benefits All

A Note to Parents

CUFFE - CUSD Father and Son

As Superintendent Gregory Shannon says, “The child we raise will lead the village.” The “we” in our village includes all of us—parents, educators and community members. Educating our children is in everyone’s best self-interest—our democracy and economy depend on an educated workforce. Together, we are working to guarantee our children an excellent education.

As parents, you are your child’s first and forever teacher. As our district strives for educational excellence in all areas, we look to you to remain involved in your child’s education and to be our partner. When you reinforce at home what your child learns at school, everyone succeeds. Students earn higher grades, attend class more regularly, stay in school longer and achieve at higher levels when parents, schools and the community work together. Be a role model for your child by showing him/her that we are all lifelong learners.

Learn with CUSD: Opportunities for Parents

The New Chester Upland School District is developing a strong community of parent learners. Our goal is to increase student achievement. Parent University was launched this past year to equip parents with the skills and tools they need as their children’s first teachers and as advocates for their education.

For example, Chester Upland School District residents receive a 50% discount on tuition at Delaware County Community College.

CUSD and Neumann University have launched a partnership to offer Chester Upland School District parents and guardians a great opportunity to earn associate, baccalaureate and/or graduate degrees, offering them a 20% discount on tuition for courses in the Division for Continuing Adult and Professional Studies, and Graduate Degree Programs.

The new program with Neumann University is the latest in a number of opportunities offered by the new administration of the Chester Upland School District. Last year, the District sponsored workshops in life skills such as character development and financial literacy, and in the future the District will provide families with tools they can use to encourage their children to become successful. Classes are offered in locations geographically situated across Chester and in different languages to support families with non-native English speakers.

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